Congratulations to John and Charlotte Henderson, who have been officially certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest couple in the world.

Credit: Longhorn Village Senior Living Community

John, 106, and Charlotte, 105, have a massive combined age of 211 and have just celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary.

The assisted living facility they are living in, Longhorn Village Retirement Community helped the lovely couple celebrate this awesome achievement with food and champagne.

To kick off the anniversary, John emulated their very first date from the 1930s where he picked Charlotte up in a 20’s Roadster and gifted her a bouquet of flowers.

Credit: Longhorn Village Senior Living Community

Members of the retirement community along with friends and family were also treated to a slideshow of pictures of their long, strange and magical trip they have had together over eight decades.

Credit: Longhorn Village Senior Living Community

How did they manage to stay together without getting sick of each other for so long? How did they even manage to live for that long? Perhaps it was the lack of stress from being childless, they joked.

It was their great nephew, Jason Free, who applied to the Guinness Book of Records for his great uncle and aunt to be officially awarded the title of ‘Oldest Living Couple’.
Jason Free, left, helped his great-uncle John, pictured right and great-aunt become officially recognized by Guinness World Records in November as the world's oldest living couple. John was 104 when this photo was taken, while Jason was 30 in 2016
‘They are certainly a very happy couple who are always together., travel together, and lived life to the fullest together’, Jason said in an interview.

How did they first meet? John and Charlotte were course-mates at The University of Texas in 1933.

John was playing for the college football team while her future life partner was learning to become a teacher.

They dated and married six years later in 1939, just after World War 2 broke out.

They went for their honeymoon in San Antonio where a hotel room was just $7 dollars a night.

Other than being the world’s oldest couple, John is also the oldest UT football player still alive.

He is still an avid supporter and still watches the games every year.

Credit: Longhorn Village Senior Living Community

The world has changed to become absolutely unrecognizable with smartphones and computers.

Even entire nations and empires have risen and fallen throughout this period in time, yet their love and marriage have stood strong like Mount Rushmore.

Credit: Longhorn Village Senior Living Community

How did they do it? ‘Always live moderately and treat your spouse well’, John answered.

Aside from that, the couple also vows to settle any disagreements before bedtime. John also makes sure to get some exercise everyday

John also celebrated his 107th birthday on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to this awesome couple!

We hope everyone’s marriage will be the same as theirs. It is truly a wonderful story.