Snakes are fascinating creatures to study, in addition to being gorgeous creatures to enjoy. However, it is preferable for them to continue living in the environments in which they were born…

The thought of a snake coming into my home is one of my worst fears since I have no idea what to do in that situation. Imagine a massive 12-foot python appearing out of nowhere and crawling its way up your toilet.

This very thing took place in Thailand, and images taken during the incident are now being widely disseminated around the internet. On March 17, a family living in Samut Prakan, Thailand, had a scary encounter when they watched a python emerge from their toilet bowl.

After the disturbing incident, a wildlife crew was brought in to assist in releasing the 12-foot-long snake that had become trapped in the plumbing of the toilet. The snake was unable to escape on its own.

According to News Flare, a woman named Suwi Paramas was in the process of washing her hands after using the restroom when she witnessed a scene that shocked her. She was completely shaken up when the area was occupied by a massive yellow-green lizard that emerged out of nowhere.

Suwi bolted out of the room as soon as she realized what was happening. After hearing her screams echo throughout the home, both her husband and her brother-in-law swiftly came to the conclusion that something was really wrong. They were saved after the family sought for assistance from the emergency services.

As can be seen in the video footage, the wildlife crew subdued the snake with the assistance of a specialized instrument. Two other individuals gave it a shot, but they were unable to coax the snake out of its hiding place. It was difficult to maintain control of the situation, and things only became worse.

Suwi is quoted as saying, “I was so scared. I couldn’t even watch why they were catching the snake. It could have killed me,” and News Flare reports that she mentioned this.

Even though the snake was still caught in the u-bend, which is a curved section of the plumbing, the family ultimately decided that it would be best to break the porcelain basin. This decision was made with the approval of the family.

However, because it had such a large stomach, it was difficult to draw it out of the hole in a straight line. The wildlife team needed to disassemble the piping and retrieve the snake from the opposite side of the plumbing system in order to ensure the snake’s safety as well as the safety of the plumbing system.

Everything was taken care of in a professional manner, which is a blessing because else things may have turned out very differently. There were no reports of injuries, and the rescue workers took the snake from the building in a gentle manner with the intention of releasing it back into its native habitat.

My sincere wish is that this peculiar snake continues to reside there in the years to come. This is not the first time that a python has been seen in a Thai restroom; normally, they come out during the hot season in search of cool and damp spaces.

The year 2021 witnessed a series of horrifying incidents in Southeast Asia involving snakes found in public bathrooms. One of these incidents had a big python that was about 8 feet long and bit a man in the buttocks before it was taken from the toilet. In 2016, a Thai man was taken to the hospital after he was bitten in the penis by a 10-foot python that had escaped from a squat toilet and been able to get away.