A young woman is helping out at a retirement community for the elderly when she happens to stroll into an elderly man’s room. He is visibly distressed and is holding a collection of images. The question “What’s the matter?” She expresses concern by stating, “I don’t have anyone to give these to when I leave.” “Let me show you,” the elderly gentleman says as he peruses his collection of photographs, and he hands the woman a picture of a vintage automobile.

This is my classic Jaguar E-type from the 1960s. It’s really priceless, and it’s in immaculate condition.” “I’ll… I’ll give it to you if you’ll only give me a glimpse of those beautiful melons one more time.” She consents to the request and then begins to disrobe for the elderly gentleman since she is both interested in the possibility of inheriting the old man’s car and sympathetic to the plight of the elderly gentleman. A smile spreading across his face, he takes out another picture and says, “This is my home in Devon.” It’s a mansion with eight bedrooms, a pool, and twenty-five acres of property all to itself.” “You can have it, but I’d really like to see those melons bouncing,” she said. Following a little period of reflection, she nods her head in assent, at which point she starts to perform the exercise topless in front of the elderly man. The elderly man, who appears to have regained his vigor, takes out another photograph and says, “here, look at this; this is my yacht off the coast of Gibraltar.” If you could just let me play with those spiffy melons of yours for a couple of minutes, I’ll give it to you free of charge. After coming to the conclusion that it was worthwhile, she leaned forward and gave the elderly man permission to have a good fumbling of her jubilees. The elderly gentleman looks at you with wide eyes and a sly grin on his face as he says, “thank you so much, my dear.” After up, he walks over to her and delivers her the three photographs.