While a man was gone on business, he thought it would be a good idea to phone his wife to let her know that he had arrived home without incident.A young girl steps forward to answer the phone. “What’s up?” “Howdy, sweetie. This is my father, Daddy.

Is Daddy there to pick up the baby? This is Daddy’s question. Incorrect, Daddy. She is currently located on the second floor in the bedroom with Uncle Paul. A brief gap is followed by Daddy breaking the silence with, “But, honey, you don’t have an Uncle Paul.” “Oh, yes, I do, and he is currently located upstairs in the room with Daddy,” I responded.

Dad takes a moment to gather his thoughts before responding to this. “Uh, all right, so here’s what I’d like you to do in that case. Put the phone down on the table, run up the stairs, rap on the door of the bedroom, and inform your mother that your father’s car has just come into the driveway. After waiting for a short while, the young girl eventually returns to the phone. “I did it, Daddy!” he exclaimed.

The question that he posed was, “And what happened, honey?” However, Mother became extremely frightened, sprung out of bed completely naked, and rushed around the house screaming. Then she fell down because the carpeting was in the way, smacked her head on the dresser, and now she isn’t moving at all!” “Oh, the Lord! What about your Aunt Mary’s brother Paul?Additionally, he emerged from the bedroom naked after leaping out of bed.

When he realised how terrified he was, he leaped out of the back window and into the swimming pool. But I suppose that he was unaware that you emptied out the water a week ago in order to clean it. He dove to the bottom of the pool, and at this point I fear for his life. A drawn-out and hushed pause. Then Daddy utters the following: “Swimming pool?… Is this the 486-5731 number?