A vibrant blonde from South Alabama walked into the busy casino, drawing attention with her irresistible charisma as she made her way to the craps table. The spectators were silent for the moment as she risked $20,000 on a single throw of the dice. She leaned in, mischievously beaming, and said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I feel much luckier when I play topless.”

She then boldly removed her top, displaying her confidence and leaving the audience in a state of both surprise and excitement. She was holding the dice when she exclaimed, “Come on, Southern girl needs new clothes!” as she got ready to roll them.

The dice moved around the table as if they were timing their movements to her intensity. After a tumultuous flight through the air, they eventually settled into a sequence of spins and bounces. Her eyes became wide, and the room erupted into pure excitement as the numbers settled.

With contagious joy, she bounded into the air and cried out, “Yes! Yes! I won! I won!” She greeted each dealer with a joyful vigour and a triumphant smile on her lips as she gathered her large winnings. Then she picked up her clothing and headed for the door in one rapid motion.

The dealers looked at each other, puzzled by the tornado of a game that had just taken place in front of them. At last, one of them ventured to inquire, “What did she roll?” to the other. Still reeling at the spectacle, his colleague shook his head and said, “I don’t know, I thought you were watching.”

Long after the Southern belle left, her remarkable arrival and exit left a wake of amazement that kept the casino humming with conversation and interest.