It’s comforting to know that minor acts of kindness are acknowledged in today’s environment.

Denarius Caldwell, a teenager, was not seeking attention when he helped a blind lady cross the street and was photographed doing it.

“All I wanted to do was provide a hand. The idea that I would appear on television was very foreign to me.

“On Tuesday, he shared his findings with us. On Tuesday, a picture of the Aiken High School student assisting the lady on Hamilton Avenue in College Hill went viral.

“Just trying to provide a hand to the older community. Assisting is the central concept here, and everyone should receive a hand up, “His words. Dontarius, like he did every day while waiting for the school bus, was engaged in some electronic entertainment.


He stayed with his little sister, Diamond.

Diamond was preoccupied with something, and Dontarius recalls, “I glanced over to see what she was looking at.”

In a typical little sister’s way, Diamond begged her brother to help the lady who was having trouble pressing the button for the crossing sign.

While Diamond waited for the bus, Dontarius helped a blind woman cross the street twice. “I told Dontarius that I believe she is blind.

You should move and go help her,” Diamond said. “I said, “Ma’am, do you need any help?”

The answer was a resounding “Yes” from her. I took the hand she extended to me and admired it. “What Dontarius said.

When asked what he had done, Dontarius responded nothing remarkable.

Simply put, he was brought up always to do the right thing.

The saying goes, “If you’re kind, the same thing that occurs to them will happen to you.”