There there was a man named Fredrick who lived in a place where humor served as money and silliness was prized above all else. Fredrick was well-known throughout the world for his peculiar sense of humor and his capacity to find laughter in even the most unfunny circumstances.

One evening, after a particularly entertaining day of hijinks and tricks, Fredrick came home. Fredrick couldn’t hold back his joy as his wife Gertrude laid the supper table. He said, “Gertrude, my love, I’ve got something to tell you!” while holding Gertrude’s hand and flashing a malicious twinkle in his eye.

Gertrude sat down with a confused smile and started to eat quietly as she waited for the punchline, since she was never one to miss out on Fredrick’s antics.

In an effort to control his laughter, Fredrick dramatically cleared his throat. I’ve chosen to become a professional tickler, he remarked as he stared intently into Gertrude’s eyes.

A perplexed look appeared on Gertrude’s face when her fork stopped mid-sentence. An experienced tickler? Fredrick, what on earth are you talking about?

Fredrick leaned in closer and spoke in a shady manner. Indeed, Gertrude! I’ve come to understand that tickling others mercilessly is my true calling in life—to make them laugh and smile! Just picture the possibilities!”

When Gertrude started laughing, she almost dropped her fork. Oh, Fredrick, you are so ridiculous! a tickler in the business? The neighborhood would gossip about you.

“Picture it, Gertrude,” Fredrick added, his eyes sparkling with delight. People are welcome to visit my tickling parlor for a nice chuckle. I’ll use a variety of tickling methods, including the dreaded “tickle monster” method and feather and finger tickling.

Gertrude wiped her laughing tears away. And how, my dear professional tickler, are you going to persuade folks to pay for a tickling session?

Fredrick made a significant brow lift. That’s where my ingenious marketing strategy comes in, my love! I’ll create ticklish testimonies, tickling tournaments, and even a tickling-themed fashion line!”

Fredrick understood that he had once again succeeded in making Gertrude’s day better with his ridiculousness as they both broke out in fits of laughter. And at that precise moment, he realized that his relationship’s actual magic lay in their capacity to share happiness and laughing, regardless of how absurd the situation might seem.

Fredrick sent Gertrude a flower arrangement and a card the following day as a surprise. The message read, “I’ll tickle you with love every day, forever and always.” In appreciation for the nonstop fun Fredrick brought into their life, Gertrude laughed heartily and hugged him tightly.

So while Fredrick’s dream of becoming a professional tickler never materialized, the laughter and joy he contributed to his wife much outweighed any fancy job. They both learned that happiness can be found in the most unlikely places, even in the fantastical world of a professional tickler’s dreams, by looking back on the simple, goofy moments that ultimately made their relationship truly special.